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15+ tools aimed at raffle botters to save you time and improve your setup

Supports all CSV formats with the custom format feature

Convenient discord bot to access most features

Optimized windows application for those trickier tasks

Cydekik is a collection of tools for automating tasks in the raffle botting industry. New features are constantly being added and changed. Cydekik is a necessity for all raffle botters...

Our custom format feature allows us to support any CSV based raffle bots (most in the market) however, the system has presets for NeoRaffle, Infinit, DemonRaffles, Usnkrs, RaffleHive, NeoSnkrs, FlareRaffles, Linear, AmbushIO, SourceRaffles and Ganesh so is optimised for those.

The cydekik desktop application is Windows only as with the majority of raffle botting software. However, the Cydekik discord bot houses most features and is accessible from any device through a browser.

Cydekik is priced at £10 per month or £5 per week with no initial fee.

An up to date list of features and descriptions can be found in the ydekik guidehere.